How YouTube Suggested Videos Work

Suggested Videos are a personalized collection of videos that an individual viewer may be interested in watching next, based on prior activity.

They are shown to viewers on the right side of the watch page under ‘Up next’, below the video on the mobile app, and as the next video in autoplay.

Studies of YouTube consumption have shown that viewers tend to watch a lot more when they get recommendations from a variety of channels, and suggested videos do just that. Suggested Videos are ranked to maximize engagement for the viewer. Signals that contribute to these recommendations include:

  1. • Videos that viewers watch along with the current video, or videos that are topically related. They could be videos from the same channel, or from a different channel.
  2. • Videos from a viewer’s past watch history.

You can see which videos bring viewers to your channel from Suggested Videos in the Traffic sources report by clicking on the ‘Suggested videos’ box. You can also compare Traffic Sources.


  1. • Make strong calls-to-action to watch another video in your series.
  2. • Really sell viewers on why they should go and watch.
  3. • Long endings may delay viewers from watching more, try to be mindful of how your videos end. 
  4. • Use playlists, links, cards and end-screens to suggest the next video. 
  5. • Develop a series of videos that are organically connected. 
  6. • Make videos related to popular formats on YouTube such as challenges or lists. 

MYTH: "My older videos got a lot more views from Suggested."

TRUTH: They’ve had more time. Always compare the first seven days of your uploads to get a clean comparison.

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