Top 21 AdSense Plugins for WordPress 2020

Top 21 AdSense Plugins for WordPress To Maximize Revenue 2020

Google AdSense will always remain as a safe option for generating extra income with your blog or website. Starting out as a blogger means that you will want to pursue your career options a little further, it’s likely that you will be interested in gaining financial satisfaction in return for your dedicated efforts,
this is a natural side-effect for anyone who has blogged long enough to consider start making money with their content. A choice that in itself requires a lot of patience, and determination to accomplish the task. While others fall for the trap of producing cheap content without a content strategy, and thinking that adding some AdSense ads to their pages is going to bring home big money. It used to work like that in the past, but not any longer, unfortunately.

Signing up as a publisher on Google AdSense is an easy process, all you really need to do is proofread your own website for any common design flaws, and don’t forget to post at least 30 unique articles before you apply too, real people verify each of the AdSense applications, the more presentable your site, the easier is going to be the approval process. You need to write the content for real people, not search engines. You don’t want to create a site that looks like it is just another content farm, a little bit of love and soul into a project can make the big difference for your monthly earnings.

To start earning, you need to get an approval. At this point, you can start building custom ads that you can insert in your blogs design. Hmm, insert? Yes, a little snippet of ads code that you can place in your widgetized areas, content areas, headers, footers, and other custom placements. You can do this in two different ways: editing the source code of important theme files directly, or use a third-party WP plugin that’s meant to help you with adding ads to your website, and frankly — there are many choices for these. Each has something unique to offer, but ultimately all want to help you with adding AdSense in those website spots that you really want to have them in.

You should also look into these two bad boys: Google Adsense optimized WordPress themes, and best SEO friendly WordPress themes. Both choices will be excellent for blogs that want to earn a little money on the side from platforms like AdSense!

Quick Adsense

If you are in a rush, adding AdSense monetization to your website, well, as the name suggests, Quick Adsense is the plugin you should consider. It makes the process of attaching advertisements to your website or blog quick and easy. With this tool, you can place ads all across your website, from sidebars to posts and then some. As for the blog posts, you can feature randomized AdSense what might positively affect your revenue. For instance, if a loyal reader visits your website for the tenth time, chances are low they will click on the same ad again. By placing AdSense to your posts randomly, we have a completely different story.

With Quick Adsense, you have quite a bunch of different options where you would like to place ads. Moreover, the settings section is user-friendly so everyone gets the most out of Quick Adsense. You can also disable ads on the fly and add up to ten advertisements on a page or post.

Google AdSense In-feed

If you are already rocking the outstanding Advanced Ads plugin, you better boost its performance with Google AdSense In-feed. Hence the name, you can now effortlessly place ads anywhere in between your post’s content, as well as on your index page and archives. In fact, there are many more options on how to utilize Google AdSense In-feed WordPress plugin. One thing is for sure, using and practicing different position variations is easy as pie. That said, anyone can start monetizing their websites without hassle.
Google AdSense In-feed has full support for all types of AdSense ads even auto ads. Moreover, it fully supports AMP and caching plugins and shows an alternative ad to those folks who use an ad blocker. There are numerous different ways how to get the most out of your blog and Google AdSense is one of the easiest.

Easy Google AdSense

Easy Google AdSense is another WordPress plugin that will help you put advertisements on your page in a snap of a finger. Bear in mind, this particular plugin mainly focuses on Google AdSense Auto Ads. Never heard of these before? It is pretty simple even to someone who is entirely new placing ads on his or her blog. Instead of figuring out what advertisements to use on your website, AdSense does the hard work for you. Auto Ads investigate your web space and aim to show only the most relevant ads at the most appropriate time.
As far as the set up goes, there is not much work necessary to start banking. First, install and activate Easy Google AdSense plugin. And second, add your Google AdSense Publisher ID and you are ready to roll. From then on, let the skilfull Google do all the work for you, managing and optimizing advertisement.

Easy AdSense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager

No doubt, you will surely have a lot of fun using Easy AdSense Ads. This WordPress AdSense plugin is full of great features that will get you going in no time. For your information, the tool does not fully focus on AdSense advertising only. Meaning, you can use it for ads from other platforms, too. On top of that, it offers nine different ad locations, two sticky ad spots and a neat ads widget. In short, if you would like to start to monetize your website, you can now do it in a small breeze with Easy AdSense Ads.
Easy AdSense Ads also supports AMP and allows adding different ads for mobile, tablet and desktop. You can indeed disable ads on particular pages and posts and rotate banners, too. Before you fully dive in, make sure you first take a peek at the video tutorial and get the gist of it.

Google Adsense Ads Manager

When you are just starting out, you can avoid adding advertisements to your page altogether. However, once you start making traction and you see your traffic gradually grow, start brainstorming website monetization. To make your lives a whole lot simpler, go with Google Adsense Ads Manager. This WordPress AdSense plugin lets you put, well, AdSense to your page without a hitch. In barely any time, you can already start seeing some results thanks to the implementation of AdSense.
The use of Google Adsense Ads Manager plugin is no rocket science. Anyone can do it. The settings are simple and easy to understand. It gives you an option to set preferred alignment and specify conditions. Google Adsense Ads Manager supports left, right and center positions and can place ads on home, page, post or all of them.

Google Adsense Dashboard

While the majority of WordPress AdSense plugin that you find in this collection focus on monetization only, Google Adsense Dashboard provides the necessary statistics. It gives a detailed overview of the performance of your Google AdSense ads that you are about to put to your website or blog. That said, you do not need to enter the platform each time to see how much you earned, what is your CPM and CTR. With Google Adsense Dashboard, you can do it all from the comfort of your WordPress admin.
Core features of Google Adsense Dashboard are complete stats, date range selection and custom channels performance. It also improves loading speed due to the caching system and allows you to translate it. To have a better understanding of how your Google AdSense ads are doing, you do not need to leave your website ever again.

Ads for WP

Ads for WP is a versatile and practical WordPress plugin that offers you multiple options when it comes to monetizing your website. Along with the support for Google AdSense, you can also sport other advertisements on your page with ease. The features are there, you just need to take them to your full advantage and start getting the most out of your website. All the hard work will eventually pay off and one of the quickest and easiest solutions is to use Google AdSense.
Ads for WP plugin supports ad blockers, provides reports and insights and works flawlessly with AMP. Other features of the tool are widget, shortcode, no limit to how many ads you would like to display and easy display on different locations of your pages and posts. You can also mix AdSense ads with other platforms and see which performs better.

Adsense for AMP

You can now add Google AdSense on your AMP pages with a dedicated WordPress plugin. Since more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web, you must have a fully optimized website for mobile users. If not, you can do more harm than good. Not only will you experience poor results, but even search giants, like Google, will not reward it accordingly. With a simple introduction of AMP, you can drastically speed things up and deliver an outstanding experience to all your visitors.
To take things to the next level, employ the power of Adsense for AMP and monetize your mobile pages. You can now place ads above and below the post content and never again worry about responsiveness. Besides, if you would like to benefit from even more features, Adsense for AMP also offer pro addition with a ton of extra traits.

AdRotate Banner Manager

If you are looking for a versatile, adaptive and easy to use banner ads manager, AdRotate is what you need. Of course, if you are planning to introduce Google AdSense to your website, you can make it happen with AdRotate, too. With the WordPress plugin, you can place advertisements anywhere on your website. They could be of standard sizes or custom, from 3rd-party platforms or your own. Indeed, AdRotate has loads of different options and possibilities to turn your website into a money machine.
Some of the goodies that you get with AdRotate are automatic rotation, geo targeting, email notification and randomized banner selection. You can also put on display multiple ads at the same time in a grid, column or row layout. Needless to say, whatever you can think of when it comes to banner ads, you can realize with AdRotate.

WP QUADS – Quick AdSense Reloaded

Quick Adsense was at one point the most famous AdSense plugin on the market, but the support was discontinued, and now a new developer has taken it upon himself to maintain a fork of Quick AdSense. Although the old plugin still technically functions, there haven’t been any new developments made to it, which means that out of the 100k+ people that use it, many could run into problems when WordPress pushes a legacy update that could potentially break ads appearing on their blogs. With WP QUADS you can import your old Quick AdSense settings and continue with the same settings that you already love and use. The developers improved and increased the performance with a thorough code optimization.

Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

BestWebSoft has released more than 45+ unique WordPress plugins, helping millions of bloggers add extra functionality to their blogs, and they are also actively developing their own AdSense plugin. This one lets you customize a lot of aspects of your ads, including the overall apperance. You can connect your AdSense account directly and use the existing AdSense Ads that you have created, so essentially saving yourself from manually copying and pasting ads in your blog. You can select many different variations of display, even to the most narrow features like categories and tags. BestWebSoft you get the updater plugin as well, to make sure that your WordPress core is always on its latest version, including the AdSense plugin itself.

WP Simple Adsense Insertion

Bloggers each have their own demands and aspirations for the way they want to use ads on their blogs, and it makes sense — not everyone wants to overbloat their content with adertisements, sometimes a carefully planned and placed advertisement can yield as big of a CTR as 10 ads combined, so it all comes down to the way your blog and content are designed, and how you can best compliment that with an advertisement block. Simple AdSense focuses on shortcodes/functions that you can manually place within your WordPress content. Having a lot of settings to tinker with can be quite overwhelming, and needless to say that Google Ads Manager provides all the customization tools that you would need anyway.

AdSense In-Post Ads

The most popular AdSense placement position is always going to be the actual content body. Your readers spend most of their time on the content page, and if you can manage to place an advertisement in the middle of an article, that is a great opportunity to generate some revenue based on reader interest, and advertisement value. The plugin will give you shortcodes based on your ad-types and allow you to put them directly into your WordPress pages and WordPress posts. Few thousand bloggers are already generating great revenue using this exact plugin.

Insert Post Ads

Countless AdSense users will happily tell you that the best ads placement is within content. This is where you get all those juicy clicks from, and so you need to find a plugin such as Insert Post Ads that can easily help you with adding Google Ads between content paragraphs. Ads deep inside the content have a much higher chance of being utilized as they will likely offer the user something they’re trying to find an answer for. WPBeginner and its team developed this plugin, a famous WordPress resource that many already love and adore. Why do all the hard work manually, when you can have a plugin take care of these tasks.

Ad Inserter

We are focusing here on the best AdSense plugins for WordPress bloggers, but it helps to have a little bit of variety in such a list, which is the position we feel Ad Inserter fills out beautifully. Ad Inserter will definitely help you add AdSense to your WordPress content, but it will also help with adding any other kind of advertisements through the clever use of coding. Though, we do want to let our readers know — majority of the plugins we have seen already, use a HTML Input Box form where you can insert the HTML code of your AdSense ad block, but this also means that you can literally add ANY HTML code in these input boxes, since most plugins won’t check for it. Ad Inserter also focuses on adding adds within content pargraphs, to increse and maximize engagement rates.

Advanced Ads Manager

What we got here is an ultimate ads management solution for WordPress usrs. Advanced Ads is compatible with all ad networks and banners from affiliate programs like Google AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Amazon, and also Google DoubleClick (DFP). You can also use it to insert additional ad network tags into header or footer of your site without additional coding. The plugin supports ad types, ad management, ad display managment, advanced advertisement placement, ads display mangement, specific targeting features for ads, has mobile support, lets you analyze and track your ads performance.

AdSense Plugins for WordPress

Have you started earning from your blog already? We’d love to hear about your personal stories of how you went from being a blogging noob; to becoming someone who people look up to as an expert in their particular field? Did advertising in any way influence the way you blog, and did it at any point encourage you to reach for the ultimate goal which is financial freedom? If you haven’t gotten quite there yet, we sure hope that the AdSense plugins and general Ads Manager plugins that we did mention here, will help you move a step closer to all those aspiring goals.

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